Already in the first year of the pandemic

November 4, 2022

We knew that we, teachers, students, parents, are not ready for this. Lack of training for teachers in ICT, lack of equipment at homes, panicking parents not knowing how to help their kids – that was the reality.

No-one could have imagined that we will find ourselves in such a situation, and yet we did. L.E.A.R.N. Institute was really concerned about the situation and decided to do something to avoid such situations in the future. That is when the idea of DREAM project arose. Distance & Remote Education to Achieve More is a project which will allow us to develop a website with useful resources for all: teachers, parents, students and municipalities.

You will be able to find there video lessons ready to use, tutorials for teachers on ICT tools useful for online teaching, guidelines for parents on how to help their children and guidelines for municipalities on creating a special public space where those who do not have necessary equipment can participate in distance learning as well.

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