Teaching, Learning and Technology

June 7, 2023

Can technology replace humans? Maybe you asked this question frequently. Technology has facilitated many of our daily tasks. New devices, tools, features, platforms are being developed everyday in different areas. And as any life area, it has definitely influenced education and the education process as well. 

The influence of technology and its importance in education was especially observed and understood during the COVID-19 pandemic when the classes in the physical environment switched to online classes, when the teachers and students become voices and faces showing from a device, and the boards switched to screen share. Some teachers faced a completely new situation they had to adopt. Other teachers, the “lucky” ones already had some e-teaching skills and managed to continue the process with ease. The students faced a similar situation they now had to adopt. Some of them were equipped with all the required technological skills, others managed to earn the skills along the way or got help by their friends, family and teachers.

But what about those teachers and students living in remote rural areas lacking technological devices, tools, equipment; having no access to the internet? What about primary school children who were too young to manage the whole process themselves? What about parents having to help more than one child and still manage to work from home? Could technology replace the teacher? Probably not. However, it helped. 

Since technology was considered as a really important factor enabling worldwide communication, and it was vastly used by everyone for work and other daily tasks and activities and was also used as the main facilitator of the education process, the partners of D.R.E.A.M (Distance & Remote Education to Achieve More) Project decided to give their contribution in the teaching and learning process. If you are a teacher, student, parent or any individual aiming to know more about education, wondering how to use technology in teaching or learning, improve your skills or enhance your knowledge on different subjects, check: https://dreamdream.eu/ and https://www.youtube.com/@dreamdreamproject .



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