The pandemic found all of us unprepared, without any plans, choices, solutions. Education was negatively affected by it

March 6, 2023

However, we all tried to do our best in facing it effectively. Teachers made efforts to organize their classes and continue the teaching process online in different forms. Educational institutions and the government tried to ensure the process continue and not to be completely interrupted. Parents assisted their children at home with the learning process and their homework. 

Nowadays, in similar or emergency situations, we should all have a plan to answer the questions:

  • What should education institutions do?
  • What should public bodies do?
  • What should teachers do?
  • Which are some technological tools to be used?
  • Which strategies and guidelines would be effective?
  • How can we help students?
  • How can we help children leaning at home?

Distance & Remote Education to Achieve More (DREAM) project helps you answer the questions. 

An off/online platform is created in which you will be able to find 120 lesson plans and video lessons created by 72 teachers from all the partner countries trained on digital competences and tools, available in: English, French, Italian, Albanian, Turkish, Macedonian, Polish and Portuguese languages. These materials can be used by teachers to organize their own online classes during similar situations such as the pandemic. The videos and lesson plans cover all the subjects and can be used by teachers in finding relevant ideas and inspiration to create their own videos and explain new concepts to primary school pupils. They can be used by parents at home as well. Video tutorials being available in the platform on different digital tools such as: ANIMAKER, BOOK CREATOR, CANVA, EDPUZZLE, GENIALLY, and KAHOOT will also be available in the platform.

DREAM project has not only taken into consideration the three key actors in education, teacher-pupil-parent triangle, but also public bodies and the local government. In the platform you will find articles with recommendations on how municipalities can assist in improving the learning process especially for students living in remote and rural areas and the creation of dedicated spaces for all pupils to benefit. 

You will also be provided with information about how to increase the knowledge and awareness of teachers, parents and local governments on the importance of the sociological and psychological aspects of distance learning and the reduction of early school leaving. You can follow our website publications for more information and guidelines on how to facilitate the learning process in all the above-mentioned languages. 



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